Why "Redeemer Baptist?"


After 4 years as Revision Church, our congregation voted to change our name to Redeemer Baptist Church.

There are two primary reasons for this. First of all, we wanted our church name to be more reflective of what we value as a congregation. If you come to any of our services, it’s impossible to leave without hearing and singing about the Gospel, the redeeming work of Christ in the world. We value Jesus above and beyond all else. “Redeemer” allows us to champion the person and work of Christ in every conversation about our church, in every sign that we hang, in every flyer we print, and in every information card we hand out. We want to exalt Christ in not only our preaching and our music, but also in the very name by which we are known.

     Secondly, Redeemer Baptist allows us to further identify ourselves in our community. In a time when more and more churches are removing the denominational identifier from their name, we see great value in adding it to ours. Since our inception, nearly every conversation we’ve had with people in the community includes some form of the question “what kind of church is it?” We are thankful to be a part of the historic Baptist heritage and we live in a context where further identification is a help rather than a hindrance. Taking those things into account, it only made sense to us to include Baptist in our new name. Ultimately, our utmost desire is to bring glory to God by making much of Christ in the things we say and do, and we invite you to join us in that endeavor.