Redeemer Baptist Church is a covenantal body of Christian believers. We take membership seriously, which seems strict and weighty at first, but is actually designed to help believers thrive in gospel community. The Bible calls us to a degree of commitment to our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are meant to grow and serve together as the Spirit makes us more like Christ.


To qualify for membership at Redeemer Baptist Church:


  1. A person must be a believer in Jesus Christ who gives evidence of regeneration
  2. A person who has been baptized, in obedience to Christ, following his or her regeneration.
  3. A person who wholeheartedly believes in the Christian faith as revealed in the Bible. 
  4. A person who agrees to actively participate in the life of the church. This includes consistent attendance in corporate worship and community group. Additionally, a member is to be actively serving, praying for, and giving to the church, as well as loving their brothers and sisters in word and deed. 
  5. They must agree to submit to the teaching of Scripture as expressed in the Beliefs: Abstract of Principles and must promise to keep the commitments expressed in the Membership Covenant. We ask everyone to sign the Membership Covenant and give it to a pastor.  
  6. They must complete either A) the membership class and it’s requirement of three written/typed paragraphs on their personal testimony, why they seek membership at Redeemer Baptist Church, and their potential areas of service and giftedness. Or B) A Pastoral Interview where one sits and discusses the Membership Packet face to face with a pastor.
  7. They must submit to the church’s authority to execute church discipline under the guidance of the pastors. Church discipline is intended to restore one who has fallen into unrepentant sin or one who has abandoned participation in the local church altogether.