Community Groups are intimate gatherings of people seeking to become more like Christ together. These groups meet throughout the week in several homes throughout our city. We enjoy meals and discussions together that help create gospel-based friendships and accountability. 

Use this list to connect with a group that works for you. 


Holiday Hills
Community Group

Leader: Hunter Bobo

Time: Sundays @ 6:00pm

Community Group

Leader: Josh Kubler

Time: Sundays @ 5:00pm

College Crossing Midweek
Community Group

Leader: Evan Logan

Time: Tuesdays @ 6:00pm

College Crossing
Community Group

Leaders: Ben Williams

Time: Sundays @ 6:00pm

Community Group

Leader: Andrew Perry

Time: Sundays @ 6:00pm

Seminole Cove
Community Group

Leader: Jacob Dunlap

Time: Sundays @ 6:00pm

Goals of Community Groups

The church gathers together to engage in community with each other. Essentially this means that we live our lives together as a community. Community isn't simply a weekly meeting, but living the whole of our lives with others on mission to know Jesus more and to magnify His name. The goal of Community Groups is not just to experience biblical community, it is to know Jesus Christ more. In order to know Him more, we must have a goal of engaging in Biblical community.

At Redeemer, we have four goals of Community Groups:

  • Engage

  • Mature

  • Serve

  • Expand

Each of these have to do with how we interact with the people around us, the church as a whole, and the city that we live in.